No Anxiety

When we sit around and worry about what may or may not happen each day, God calls that faithless. We should not be living a negative, worried and anxiety filled life. Worry is a sin. I’m not saying there’s not times where we need to be concerned about an issue or challenge but to wake up each day and start looking and thinking about possible trials and troubles is wrong. Faith says this; if we have have faith the size of a mustard seed then we can say to this mountain move here to there and it will be done. We serve a sovereign, supernatural, and powerful God that promises to work all things for our good. If you love God, serve God and obey God He has promised you a blessed life. Mountain moving faith says this each morning; I know my God is powerful. I know He has promised me good. I know today is going to be an awesome day. He has many good things for me. He loves me, He is looking out for me, and He is working everything for my good. Today, I know there is nothing I can’t accomplish with His help. I will believe this, live this, and put it into my thinking each and every day. We can live a worried life or we can live a warriors life. What’s it going to be?

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