Selfless Life

We are all trying to find peace, joy and contentment. But we always look in the wrong places. We look to our money, resources, things and new places to discover. But none of that provides true genuine peace and joy. At best it provides a little bit of fun and new adventure. Until we understand where genuine peace, true joy, real purpose and contentment come from, everything else will just be a temporary fix. Find Jesus Christ and find your meaning and purpose in life. Think about it, everything else is serving yourself- money, fame, trips, toys, on and on. Jesus tells another story, the story of serving others, helping others, and blessing others through what God has blessed us with. God says He is the giver of it all- wealth, riches and resources. A selfish life leads to neverending striving, stressing and searching for peace. A selfless life which Christ leads to blessings, joy, peace and serving others. 

Find Christ today and find your joy, peace, happiness, purpose and contentment. It is there to find and God says it’s like finding gold and silver and better than buried treasure. Find the extraordinary life today and start living it out in your life!

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