Stop Worrying, Start Trusting

Always remember, 99% of the stuff we worry about never comes to fruition. Let’s all stop worrying so much and start trusting God more each day and letting go of all of life’s unknowns. Live by faith and not by fear. Let’s all lay out our prayers to God each day and start expecting good things to happen. We tend to pray at the first little hiccup we hit in the day, and just that quick we lose our faith.

And when fear takes over faith moves in. All fear takes is a little spark and from there it becomes a forest fire in our lives each day and starts to consume, overtake and dominate our thinking. Then we wake up one day and just like that we become a worrier. We’ve started doing it so much it actually takes over our lives and thinking and there is really no faith left. Faith and fear cannot live together. Get your faith back and tell fear to beat it each day. God did not give us a spirit of fear; we just adopted it and let it get out of control. Choose faith and not fear today. Expect great things and trust God to work all things out for your good. That’s His promise to every believer. And finally, try to remember that most of the things we tend to worry about never come about. We can worry about anything or we can trust God with everything.

2 Timothy 1:7 says this – “For God did not give Us a spirit of fear and timidness but He gave us each a spirit of power, love, self discipline and self control.”

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