Say Thank You

When God says “no” to one of our desires and wishes we should say “thank you” back. If we don’t, then we are saying at that point that we know more than He does, we don’t trust His judgement, and our faith is very small. We’re saying in essence, Lord we love you when you give us what we want but we don’t trust you or like you when you deny us something we really want. There is no faith in that. We either take the good with the perceived bad or we have a one sided faith that only appreciates His yeses. God gives us His best and He protects us from the worst. He knows our futures and He directs our lives accordingly. When praying for something, we all need to pray “thy will be done”. It’s a hard prayer but that is how Jesus taught us to pray. If we pray anything else we take out “thy will be done” and our prayers then become our own selfish, pitiful, and greedy little wants, needs, and desires.

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