Stay Connected To God

No one should ever take the place of or come between you and God. God created you, He wants to direct you, and He has an awesome plan for your life. Let no one ever take place of God’s guidance, leadership, and His relationship with you. God may use people in your life from time to time but He should always remain the sole leader of your life. God is there to direct us, help us, protect us from making bad decisions, and guide us each day to fulfill the plan and purpose He has for our lives. Remember this; no one knows God’s specific and custom plan for your life. No one.

He has created a custom life plan just for you and He is the only one that can lead you down that path. A consistent prayer life is the only way to stay connected to God and His life plan. Pray to God, listen to God, and then do what He tells you to do. Don’t waver, doubt, question or go back and forth. Stay focused, keep your head down, be obedient to Him, and leave all the consequences up to Him. And finally, know in your heart that all success comes from God. God always gives the victories to His children when they obey.

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