Tree Stump Moment

Every single one of us would all have stronger faith if we would just study The Word of God, think about the Word of God, and just believe the Word of God. There are too many people that want to have, know, and be explained everything that is unexplainable in The Bible. If you’re one of those people, God spoke loudest of all to you: in Isaiah 55:9 God spoke these Words to those of us that have to have an answer for everything to truly believe. “God said; as the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. For my thoughts are nothing like your thoughts. And my ways are far beyond anything you could ever imagine.”

We all want to understand God better. But knowing Him perfectly and knowing all His ways, thoughts, and plans are not possible and He has told us that in His Word. We will only understand it all when we get to Heaven and we may not even understand it all then. When Dr. Billy Graham was young, his faith came under siege by a good friend and he started to doubt his faith in God because of some of the things that were happening around Him and his inability to understand and explain some of the things in The Bible. He said he knew He had to make a choice in his life about his faith. Would He believe or not believe and go do something else with his life? The question he was struggling with was not the deity and authority of Jesus Christ but was the Bible completely the true authority and true Word of God from God himself? He decided that day if he could not believe the entire Word of God then he would find another profession. He called it “The Bible on a tree stump moment.”

One night in 1949 with the great Los Angeles Crusade looming, he found his heart deeply grieving and so he went for a long walk. The moon was full and bright and there in the San Fernando valley, he found some quiet woods to go in. Dropping to his knees there in the woods, he opened his Bible at a random place on a tree stump in front of him. “Oh God” he prayed! “There are many things in this Book that I do not understand! There are some things in it that do not seem to correlate with modern science or any kind of human reasoning.” He paused for a moment, and with a great stirring in his soul, said these words back to God. “Father, I am going to accept these words are your words alone and I am going to accept it all by faith. I’m going to allow my faith to go way beyond any of my intellectual thoughts, questions or doubts, and I will believe this word to be your inspired truth.” Right after that, Billy Graham stood up from his conversation with God and with his eyes stinging with steams of tears, sensed the presence and power of God like never before in his life. And he committed his life from that point on to God, His plans, His purposes, and will for his life. He admitted that all his questions had not been answered in that brief moment, but he knew 100% that a great spiritual battle within his soul had been won. He went on from there and became the world’s greatest evangelist for Jesus Christ anyone had ever seen.

God knows what He is doing even when we don’t. God says have faith the size of a mustard seed and you can tell this mountain to move over there and it will be done. The question is, are you really going to believe it. It takes lots of faith to have great faith! I will say it again… It takes lots of faith to have great faith. Maybe it’s time for all of us to visit that tree stump in the woods. Make your tree stump moment one to remember.

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