Don’t Doubt

When we doubt God we lose our faith for that moment. The devil and our emotions take over and try to cripple us with fears, doubts and worries. Faith is believing God is not only who He says He is but what He says He is. He is sovereign, omniscient, powerful, supernatural and mighty and does what He wants in our lives when He wants and how He wants. He is supreme and in control and works all things for our good according to His great plans for our lives. The key is believing, being obedient, and trusting in who He is. Fear says it can’t be done. Doubt says, how will it be done? Worry says it’s too hard to get done. Faith says it’s already done. God knows what He is doing in our lives and for our lives. Leave everything up to Him, be obedient, believe and trust in Him, and live each day giving Him praise, thanks, and glory.

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