Difficult Situations

To ask God to lift a difficulty in our life might not be the right question every time. The right question might be to ask God to help us, show us, strengthen us and guide us through the difficult situation. To ask for new wisdom and strength and not to just pray it away every time. God says He teaches us in the difficult seasons of life. Our faith can grow tremendously when we’re going through the most challenging of times. Let’s all learn not to just pray problems, challenges, and difficulties away so quickly. And when it seems like we’re overloaded, worn out and stressed out to the max, that’s when God will show up and show out. When we give it up and let God take it up, great things happen. Our faith grows, we get encouraged, and what we learn from God will allow us to help someone else in need. God allows difficulty to strengthen us, grow us, and to build our faith in Him stronger and more trustworthy. The next time difficulty comes, let’s welcome God with open arms and look forward to what He will do. God is much, much bigger than any problem we will ever have.

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