The Word And The World

Don’t ever change The Word of God to fit your thinking, other people’s desires, or the world’s ways. God wrote His Word for those that believe to follow. God’s Word is not to fit into the world’s thinking but the world is to fit into His thinking. God’s Word is not written to change to fit into our beliefs, our selfish desires, or our desire to not cause conflict and get along with everyone. God did not write it to fit into everyone’s lifestyle. He wrote it to challenge, warn and bring everyone that He chooses to a life with Jesus Christ. His Word will never line up with the world. It’s completely opposite of the world’s ways, thinking, and reasoning. Don’t believe the world’s lies! It’s deceptive, manipulating and false. God gave us His Word to teach, give us the truth, and point us in the right direction for our lives. God’s Word never changes. It is what it is no matter what anyone says. God’s Word is not to fit into the world. The world (whomever He chooses to call) is to fit into His Word.

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