Doing Life Properly

God gave us His Word which is also called the “Book of Life” to help us do life properly. We all know you can do life lots of different ways. Some of us have idols, others have money, and some of us just depend on our own selves to do life. But whatever we choose outside of God and Jesus Christ will only produce heartache, pain, no true joy, and no fulfillment. We may be the most successful people on the face of the planet but without God, there will be no true joy, true peace, or true fulfillment. God says your life will be a constant chasing after the wind and we all know you can never catch the wind. God gave us His “Book of Life” to help us do life the right way. God created each one of us and gave us an instruction manual to life. It’s called the Bible. It is full of life principles, wisdom, instruction, understanding and direction on life. There’s nothing in it that can’t point you and I in the right direction. As a matter of fact, it even tells us what not to do in life to be successful. Life is meant to do one way and that’s through living, loving, obeying and following our creator God. Any other way will eventually only bring you heartache, pain, confusion and no joy or peace. Want to be happy? Live, follow, obey and love your creator- God.

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