God frequently tests our hearts to see what’s in them. He will back away and see what your actions, thoughts and ways will be like (although He already knows). It’s really for our own good and not His. When we go through this period it should be a time of repentance because over time there is always some type of sin built up in our lives. There’s never a time where any of us are sinless. There’s always selfishness, addictions, unforgiveness, adultery, pride, arrogance, jealousy, bitterness, anger, or some other form of sin going on in our lives.

God is always testing our hearts! Bill Blackaby put it this way; “God tests our hearts to bring us to genuine repentance, to refine our character, and to deepen our faith.” When God brings a time of testing to your life, do not become discouraged, but instead turn to God and submit to His claims and whatever else He puts on your heart to correct. It’s always for our best and for our own good. Know when God is testing you and pass the test with flying colors!

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