A Test

Life on earth is a test from a God. What we do here and now determines what happens in each person’s future. Don’t think you just live here and do whatever and there are no consequences. Living on earth is a precursor to eventual eternal life. Our lives on earth and what we do with them are all on the “big stage” and God already knows what we will do with them. What we invest in on earth is what we will get as a return when we meet up with God. Invest in Godly purposes and get a rich return but invest in worthless things and your future investment will be bankrupt. What seeds will you sow? Who will you bless and how often? What will God say to you? Will He be pleased or displeased ? It’s a question we all must ask and make no mistake it will require the acceptance of Jesus Christ and the following of Jesus Christ. Not a life of perfection but following the only true one who represented perfection. Don’t let anyone tell you any other story. It will not be true. Our lives here are huge, they matter and they will determine where and how we spend our eternal destinies. The question for all of us is this; what is God going to say to you and I?

Here is what The Bible says about the end of everyone’s life; Romans 14:11 – “As surely as I live Says The Lord every single knee will bow before me and every tongue will confess and give praise to me and acknowledge that I am God. And then everyone will give a personal account of himself to me.”

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