Before Signing Up

God does have an awesome and wonderful plan for your life but do know this before you sign up for it; it comes with true joy, peace, talents, gifts, mercy, forgiveness, plans, direction, comfort, knowledge, strength and goodness. It also comes with pain, suffering, difficulties, hardships, mystery, Nos, closed doors, misunderstandings, heartache and loneliness, and many challenges. If you understand this going in you won’t be deceived as you go out with His great, awesome, and wonderful plan for your life. And most importantly, His plan promises you and me that we will always have Him there to help us, guide you, comfort us and strengthen us. God’s plan is like no other and it comes with confidence, boldness, security and fearlessness. You may not always understand what is going on but you will always understand who has got it going on. Choose God’s plan and get set to live an extraordinary life!

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