Boundaries & Principles

God doesn’t give us a bunch of rules and regulations but instead he gives us a set of boundaries and principles to live by. He is not interested in us living boring, confined and dissatisfied lives. He wants us to live extraordinary lives, Holy lives, and purpose filled lives. God knows what is best for us because He created us. He also knows that we are bent towards sin, self, and rebellion. He knows we like doing our own things, serving ourselves, and doing exactly what feels good no matter what the consequences may be. We are all born sinners and we all die sinners.

But one thing that separates a saved sinner from a non saved sinner is that we have God’s Word, The Holy Spirit and Jesus to follow. We have a teacher, a guide, and a set of principles to navigate life. Gods given us His very best (His Word and His Son Jesus Christ) to be taught by and to live by. Need some wisdom? Pick up The Word. Need some encouragement? Go to The Psalms. Need some encouragement? Read The Book of Jeremiah. The Bible inspires, encourages, leads, guides, convicts, and refreshes our spirits. It directs us and keeps us focused on how God wants us to do life. God’s not into rules, regulations, and a bunch of restrictions. 
But He is into us living by a set of boundaries and principles that He knows will lead us to an extraordinary life full of peace, joy, contentment and purpose. Living any other way other than God’s way will always lead to pain, restlessness, fear, worries, doubts and always feeling unsatisfied. God’s ways are good and always lead to the life we were meant to live. God sets boundaries for our good not His. He wants you and I to have the good life, the extraordinary life, and a happy and joyous life!

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