The greatest hurdle in our faith everyday is truly believing that God is real, that He is working on behalf of our lives each day, and that He has the power to do what He wills. Another great obstacle is believing He is in control, He is sovereign, and He is working all things for our good. It’s one thing to say these things but it’s a whole other thing to truly believe them and live by them each day.

It takes great great faith to live by these truths. Little, average or ordinary faith will never reach the pinnacle of belief where your faith life can scale Mt Everest. It’s essential to eventually move towards great faith or else you will surely be a victim of each gusting wind, raging storm or all the rough seas of daily life. The unknowns, challenges, difficulties, and great mysteries of life are coming whether your ready or not. The person who pushes faith’s greatest limits, heights and barriers in the end will finish the race of life strongest. We all must decide where our faith will live. For some it will be nowhere, in a cave or in the valley. And others on the great heights of a majestic mountaintop.

Live with ordinary faith and do ordinary things. Live with little faith and get little accomplished. Live with no faith and get nothing accomplished. Live with great faith and do great things! We all have a choice. What’s it going to be? Great faith requires us being all in, sold out and hoping and believing each day for God’s best. And no matter what happens, God is in control , He is supernatural and He is working all things for our good whether we can see it or not. And finally The Book of Hebrews says this; “Let us Draw near to God with a sincere heart and full of assurance of our faith.”

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