Let God Lead

Go to God broken, come back totally restored. Do it as many times as you have to. God will fix every part of our lives if we will only allow Him to. Remember, we are the clay and God is the potter. Sometimes we want God to be the clay and we want to be the potter so we can do whatever we think feels right. We want God to go along with our plans and we want Him to approve everything we think we should have right now. God is not interested in following our plans because He knows where our plans oftentimes lead. Hod does not follow. God leads and He leads because He always knows what’s best for us. Let God lead your life and get the best life you could ever possibly imagine. God knows your past, present and future. Even when we get tired of waiting on Him, all it means is that He is getting things worked out in our lives, and He’s getting circumstances set up for us to receive His blessing. Let God lead and learn to follow. It’s always the best path.

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