Be Who You Say You Are

As Christians we should never think we are better than others. We should refrain from gossiping, tearing others down and having a contrite and mean spirit. God chose us out of of nothing we did. He chose us because of grace, mercy and His Sons death on the cross.

Don’t belittle, knock down or judge your family, friends, associates and strangers. Don’t be critical, cynical, and rude or mean to others. We are Christians and as hard as it is to do, say, and act the way God would have us do each day, we are to try extremely hard to live up to His ways. If we are going to call ourselves Christians and then act the way non Christians act, then we are no Christians at all. Might as well give Christ back “His gift” and go follow the world!

We are not perfect but we are working towards perfection as a Christian through the following of Jesus Christ. There would be nothing worse than waking up one day and realizing that we are frauds – frauds of faith. We are not who we say we are and we have lost our way in life. But don’t be quick to say “no way” because it happens in a split second. It takes seconds for Satan to destroy our faith, our testimony and our character. Always remember, he’s a spirit and we are human. We only can battle him through Christ. Probably the best way for us Christians to walk, think and act each day is in a humble mindset. Wake up each new day and remember our humble beginnings – before God called us. You know, that sinful, selfish, greedy, and self centered person we were.

God does not call us to judge, gossip, or talk about how great our faith is. He calls us to serve, be humble, help, encourage and to share the message of Jesus Christ to others. Live a real faith not a fake faith! Be who you say you are. Act like you are the person you know you are. And remember whose you are. To whom much is given much is expected and there is no greater gift than the gift of salvation through Jesus Christ.

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