Don’t hate! Refuse hatred, anger, bitterness, and meanness. Do not give it an inch or it will take a mile. Hate spreads and it spreads quickly! It is a disease. It’s toxic and is like a weed that spreads and kills the good things in life. Refuse to let it in!

Pray this prayer today; Dear Lord, fill up my heart with your love, goodness, joy, and hope. Anything inside me that is not of these four qualities, please take away and cleanse me now. Make my heart pure, clean, and kind. If I’m holding any grudges, please take them from me today. I give them to you now! Please free my heart of any past anger, pain, and resentment and may all my words, thoughts, and actions be seasoned with light, goodness, mercy, and forgiveness. I love you Lord and thank you. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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