Sometimes in life we just have to fight hard even when we don’t feel like fighting. Battles come along that we didn’t necessarily start but we have to fight to not lose something we love and depend on. It may be a spouse, a girlfriend or boyfriend, a business, a friendship, or any other circumstance. But sometimes we are called to stand up, work harder at something and go fight for it. The measure of something’s worth will be measured and ultimately determined by the amount we fight, scrap, and work for it. The bottom line is this. Life is really tough sometimes and it requires us to just get up each day, keep a good attitude, and fight like heck for the things that mean the most to us. God will be with us but He expects us to fight, work at it, and trust Him to be there with us, encourage us, and give us the victory. Sometimes there’s one battle and other times there are many battles going on at the same time but God will get us through all of them when we keep our head down, focus on Him, and just keep moving forward and doing what we know He wants us to do. Finally, when the going gets tough the tough get going. Are you tough? Do you trust God to strengthen and help you each day? Learn to be strong, focused, and intentional on the things you have to do. Don’t waver, lose hope, or get discouraged. God is with you, helping you, guiding you and protecting you.

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