Safe Faith

Live your life of faith out in the deep waters. Never live a life of faith on shore, tied up to a dock, nor safely resting in the port. That’s called a life that is “safe” not a life “filled with faith!” Live your faith life out at sea where it is unpredictable, deep, and full of mystery. A place where at times, if God doesn’t do something supernaturally powerful in your life, you will sink down to the abyss. You see, out at sea, you are totally dependent on God to get you to and fro safely. The sea is too big of a monster to handle. Your faith is in the hands of God each day. But that’s exactly where God call us to put our faith each day – in His Hands! Living a “real life of faith” each day means giving up a little more control and trusting God to do what He wills to our lives. Each day, we should be surrendering a little more of our wills for God’s will, plan and purposes. And the only way that can happen is for you to experience some of His supernatural acts, His amazing miracles, and His powerful ways. So if you’re safely tied to the dock, resting in port, or living quietly on shore, cut all your ties, pull up anchor, and set yourself free of living a natural, normal and safe filled life! God is supernatural, mighty, and majestic and He wants us relying on His good strength, wisdom, and plans.

Don’t live a “safe faith!” Live a life of faith filled with God’s great wonders, incredible miracles, and His supernatural power working in and through your life! And finally, make sure you don’t get to the end of life and say: coulda, shoulda, and what woulda been if I had trusted, lived, and took more chances with The Lord. God says that faith the size of a mustard seed (which by the way is the smallest of all the seeds God created) can move the biggest and tallest mountains on earth. Wow! Sometimes God just wants you and I to step out, take some risks, and trust Him to do the impossible! That’s all it takes when your dealing with Him. Don’t live a safe, boring and calculated life. That is where everyone else lives! Live on the edge, step out on the cliffs, operate on the deep waters, and leave everything else up to God. He can handle it! The question is… Can you?

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