Read The Word & Accept Christ

Why read Gods Word? If you have never read God’s Word before, you’re not going to want to hear this. God’s Word is the only resource on earth that tells us how corrupt, sinful, and selfish we really are. Before we come to Christ, God calls us filthy rags. The Bible tells us how corrupt our souls are and how wicked we are.

We are sinners and there is nothing we can ever to do change that; but we can limit our sin through accepting Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches us what’s wrong with us but thankfully it also teaches us how to correct the problem. God gave us His Word to show us the truth about ourselves and then He gave us a solution to our sinful nature. The Bible convicts and then it offers us correction. God’s Word is meant to show us the truth about ourselves and then He allows us to come to Him to fix the problem. Yes, God fixes our sinful nature. When we accept Christ as our savior God gives us His Holy Spirit to live inside and the Holy Spirit conflicts with our flesh and sinful nature. The Holy Spirit builds a protective wall between the flesh and sinful nature. The Holy Spirit corrects, convicts, and gives us Godly wisdom to make good choices and decisions. Without the Holy Spirit, there is no border, wall or deterrent to battle the flesh or sinful nature. It just has its way and does what it pleases. Sure there’s a conscience but unfortunately that’s wicked too because that always desires what it wants and most of the time it wants what it shouldn’t have. Even if it doesn’t get it, it is continually tempting us. We are all tempted by our flesh and sinful nature but we do not have to be driven by it. Accept Christ, turn from your wicked and selfish ways says God and stop trying to fight your flesh and sinful nature by yourself. Win at life and be the person God intended you to be! Get The Holy Spirit and get it as quick as you can! Accept Christ and win Big at life!

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