Plan, Purpose & Will

God created each one of us for His ways, plans, and purposes not our own selfish ways, plans and purposes. We would all do well to remember to include God in all our decision making. God created us for His purposes, not our own purposes. God did not create us to serve us. God created us to serve Him. But that’s exactly what some Christians think. God is a genie in a bottle and He is just there to give me whatever I ask. God I want this, I want that, please do this and and that. God created you and me for His purposes, His plans, and His ways. We should try hard not to get that principle mixed up! But it’s easy to do. Next time we pray, we should ask God this one question; What do you want God? What do you want me to do? How do you want me to serve you better? What’s your plan, purpose and will for my life God? Please tell me your plans Lord you have for me and help me to live them out each day. I want to serve, love, follow and be obedient to all of your ways you have for me Lord. That would be a great prayer to pray each day to God. Just say; God, may your Will be done today and not my will. May your plans be done today and not mine. Please show me your purposes for my life and encourage me to follow all of them as you reveal them to me. Amen.

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