Living Two Different Lives

Try not to live two different lives. Try as hard as you can to be the person people think you are. If it’s character, have good character all the time. If it’s joy, be joyful all the time. If it’s compassion, always be compassionate. If it’s kindness, don’t be hateful, mean, and ugly when no one is looking. If you’re positive towards others, be more positive at home! If generous, be generous to the ones you love also. Don’t be somebody you’re not in the public and then come home and be someone totally different. If you’re a negative, mean, grouchy jerk, it’s better to be one all the time than put on an act at work and then come home and be that jerk to your family. Let your life be consistent, one way or the other! Don’t live a double life.

Let’s all look in the mirror today and take a good look at ourselves and see if we are consistent, true, and the same acting person all day long. Or are we living a double life? 

If so, make some changes. Start out with reading God’s Word, start a consistent daily prayer life and God will direct you into the life He wants you to live. He will form you and shape you into that consistent Christian He wants you to be. God’s Word is full of life principles on how He expects us to live. Read the Book of Proverbs, Psalms, and Jeremiah to start and you will have a lifetime of principles to learn from and apply to your life. What is the takeaway you may ask? The takeaway is not to live a double life and be consistent in your behavior each day. Be the person everyone thinks you are all the time. It’s hard enough keeping up being one person than living a double life! Don’t live a double life! Decide who you want to be and fight like heck to be that person 24 hours a day. It takes work and you have to work hard at it but God can help you live a consistent and obedient life. Decide who you want to be and be that person consistently each day.

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