God’s Great Shield

Take a moment today to close your eyes, get in a quiet place and just be still. Intentionally clear out and quiet your mind and ask God to speak with you. Let His love overflow, overpower, and overtake you. Just sit and let your mind wonder on His goodness, His great mercies, and the wonderful love He has for you. Praise Him, worship Him and Give Him thanks. Let your mind go and let God take it wherever He wishes. Let Him pour out His love, His peace, His Joy, and His truth deep into your soul. You will hear from Him, that all’s good, all’s well, and that He has you in the palm of His hands. Worries, stress, anxieties and despair shall drift away like mist in the night. Courage, confidence, and a new found strength will appear and a new light will shine brightly down on you from above. Be filled with God’s great shield of hope, faith and light.

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