Book of Life

God’s Word and His principles are absolute. They cannot be diluted or compromised. His Word is truth, wisdom, absolute, and crystal clear. There is nothing any more honest and truthful in life than God’s Word. As a matter of fact, it is life. It is life here and now and it is life afterwards. It tells you how to live now and in the future and it tells you what happens when you die. A wise person should read it, believe it, and live it.

It is God’s “Book of life” to His creation. It is wise to obey it, follow it, and believe it. You don’t have to believe God or take His Word while you are here on earth, but God says “all” become believers at the end of their lives and know who He is. And that will be one scary day for some and for others it will be a day they have long awaited. But both will stand before God and give an account for their life and at that point go through the final judgement.

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