Make Your Plans With God

We can make all the plans in the world but if the Lord is ready to take your life, there is absolutely nothing a person can do about it. God allows us all to breath or not breath. He has determined the length of a person’s life and nothing will change that. All of us only have a certain amount of days and the only one who knows what that count is is The Lord. God says we have nothing to do with our beginning and we have nothing to do with our end. The only part we get to play a role in is in the middle and even that is limited according to Lord. God says He directs a person’s steps even though person may make all the plans in the world. When God is done with us, we are done here. Nothing or no one can change that fact. God tells us in His Word that everything is His creation and He does what He wants with it.

We basically live in His world and we all have very limited control over anything. Today, think about how much control you really have over anything. What does God allow you to control? What is really safe? What is 100% secure? God expects us to live in His world and follow Him, obey Him, and listen to Him and leave everything else up to Him. And why is that? Because everything really is up to Him. It’s all His to do whatever He pleases. Always has been and always will be. Next time we make some plans we should always try to include God in them. After all, He is the one who will decide whether they will come to fruition or not. Make your plans with God and God says your plans will go well.

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