Out Of Sync

When we feel like our spiritual life and our daily life are not in sync most of the time it’s probably because we have given some things to God and we keep picking them back up and taking them back from God. Sometimes it feels like we’re on a spiritual rollercoaster. That’s because we really desire God’s Will in our our lives each day but we really don’t trust Him enough to wait on Him and trust Him that His Answer will be the best one. We grow impatient, don’t like the unknown, and finally just settle for what we think is best. God does not work that way and we know that for sure.

God’s will is best accomplished when we wait for His decision, His ways, and His Answer and sometimes His answers take time. What God does ask us to do is to give Him the circumstances, don’t take them back, wait for Him ┬áto respond to us, and then take action knowing 100% He has answered our request.

We need to all try harder at giving God or circumstances and situations and leaving them with Him. Give it to Him, leave it with Him, and wait for Him to Answer. The more we practice this principle, the slower the rollercoasters of life will go. Don’t live up and down and all over the place emotionally. Take one day at a time, one problem at a time, and give it to God and don’t take it back. And finally, remember this one thing; God’s got this! He’s got you, He’s got your back, and He has your very best future lined up for you.

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