Shake Up Life

This year, Make some new plans, travel on new roads, and change life up a little. Be creative, be innovative and be courageous with your new found opportunities. The best way to get in a rut and stay in a rut is to do nothing. Do something even if it is the most scariest and dangerous thing you have ever done. Step out, live on the edge, and go do something different to shake up life. Of course do it all with God’s blessing. God is in the shake it up, take it up, and make new things happen business. He wants us to try new things, do new things and discover new ways to help Him build His Kingdom here on earth. Ask God for a new direction, a new plan, and He will surely put one in your path. Change your thinking, change your ways, and change your life. Need an extreme makeover? Need to get out of a rut? Need to get your joy back? Get out, find some new opportunities that interest you, and jump right in. Be courageous, be strong, and be daring and unafraid. Sometimes happiness is present and sometimes we have to create our own happiness. But there is one thing for sure. When you do nothing, nothing generally happens! Ask God to send you some new opportunities and a maybe even an exciting new life plan. Shake up life a little.

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