Looking Inward

Here’s a good thing for us all to remember each day- a Principle we should all try to live by each day. Instead of looking, pointing, talking and judging others, we should stay focused on correcting our own selves. Lots of times I use the saying; I don’t have time to worry about anyone else because I have too many issues myself I’m working on. I am a full time sinner trying to correct things part time. Life is fast, furious, and sin is happening each day. If we’re honest with ourselves, it is hard to find the time and take the time to manage, deal with, and correct all our sins on a daily basis. Temptation and sin come quickly, and it comes at all of us all the time. Sin and temptation never take a day off, it takes no holidays, and absolutely shows us no mercy! We all must learn to be more honest, forthright, and open about the condition of ourselves. If we are honest, we really don’t have time to discuss, judge, or tear anyone else down. We should just focus on ourselves and try hard to keep ourselves in a much better position. The more intentional we are and the more frequent we are managing our own lives, the better we can be of service to others and help those that God puts in our paths. Let’s all do a better job of looking “inward” instead of always looking “outward” on others.

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