When You’re Down

When you’re down, think you’re worthless, and there is no hope remember this;  If you’re a child of God you are reborn into the royal and blue bloodline of Jesus Christ. According to The Lord, we are royalty, We are His, and we are part of His great, mighty, and majestic family. Stop trying to get praise and your self worth from the world. People let us down all the time just like we let others down all the time also. Your self worth, joy, and your confidence should come from one thing and one thing only- you are a child of God, you are loved, and you are a family member in the supreme royal and majestic line of God. God says you’re His, you’re beautiful, and He has great plans for your future. Look to God for your confidence, surety, and joy. That’s where Jesus looked, gained His confidence and strength, and that is who God wants us to follow. Go to God and never be disappointed. Get your courage, confidence, peace and joy from God. He loves you, He is protecting you, and He is directing all your steps. So Next time you get down think about this; you are a child of the living one true God and you are His son or daughter and you have power, might, beauty and strength coming from Him. He says He has plans for you and that it is a good plan. When we doubt God we doubt His ability, strength and power for our lives. We are also doubting His Word. Don’t ever doubt God or His Word. He is as solid as an anchor and His Word always holds true. Don’t make time for doubt. Don’t give it a second thought. Live up, think up, and trust The Lord for who He is, what He says, and what He will do. He is faithful, good, and trustworthy.

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