Woe Is Me

Never say to God “woe is me”. God may just give you something to really “woe” about. God says His strength is enough to get us through anything and He will never give us more than we can handle. If you ever feel like you have too much on you, maybe it’s time to say to God;¬†woe, what an awesome life you have given me! I’m blessed beyond what I could ever dream of! Thank you Lord for getting me through the tough times, strengthening me through the tough times and lifting me up through the tough times. I am very grateful that I am loved, blessed, and always lifted up by you and your Son Jesus Christ! Always give God glory, praise and worship especially in the times where you feel the most heavily burdened. Remember God strengthens us the most when we are at our weakest moments. God did not create faith for the good times. He created faith for the difficult, trying and worrisome times. If you are going to say “woe” to God about anything say “woe and wow” to the incredible and extraordinary life He has given you.

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