God Blesses Us to Bless Others

God saves us for one reason, to navigate us toward Holiness instead of the self centered lives we gravitate to. His destiny for us is Holiness, obedience towards Him and living out His purpose and plans for our lives. Believers sometimes twist, manipulate and deceive ourselves into thinking our faith is tied to God being “one big blessing genie”. Our faith is tied to God’s daily amount and size of daily blessings. News flash! God is not interested in us being comfortable, wealthy and satisfied. God is interested in us being Holy, purposed and living out His plan for our lives. And He may cause you to be rich and have many resources at your disposal but that only means He will expect you to give more and be more generous with what He has blessed you with. God doesn’t bless us so we can bless ourselves more. If God chooses to bless us, He blesses us to bless others that are less fortunate. God created us to become Holy. God created us to serve Him, listen to Him, obey Him and follow Him. Don’t live a life of faith that ebb and flows on the amour of blessings God gives you. The Bible teaches us to have a “Holy Faith” each day and do the right things according to God’s Will and then whatever He decides to do after that is icing on the Spiritual cake. God loves to bless His children but He loves more to see us being faithful, obedient, and following His Ways, Plans, and purposes. Live a Holy, righteous, and obedient life and leave all the consequences up to God.

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