When you pray, always ask God for wisdom. Ask God to give you guidance on all your decisions, challenges, and directions. Lean on The Holy Spirit to move you the way God would have you go. Be patient, go slow, pray about it, and God will move you one way or the other. The key to all decision making though is to seek God and then be patient and wait on Him to make a move. Always remember this very important fact: we can only do things that are possible. God does the impossible. We can only deal in the natural where God deals in the supernatural. So next time you have a situation and the outcome can be done naturally, God will guide you into making the right decision if you just wait on Him. But if the situation looks like it will have to be done by Him and His supernatural power, you will know it will take an act of God to move and adjust whatever He needs to do to make things happen in your favor. When things look possible lean on God. When things look impossible, give it to God.

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