Overly Righteous

Don’t be overly righteous. It will only lead to pain, heartache, and judgement- harsh judgement of yourself and harsh judgement of others. God says there is only one judge- Him. We should Always remember we are saved by grace, nothing we did, and we will always be sinners. Kinda like an alcoholic, drug addict or any other addiction. We are all addicted to sin and bent towards sin and the only time that will end is when we go “Home” to meet with The Lord. He best thing we can do until then is to try as hard as we can to fight sin each day in our lives, remember where we came from before God saved us, and reach out to those that God puts in our paths that He wants to save also. Each day, we should always remind ourselves of these these two things before we get started: we were saved by grace, absolutely nothing we did. And two, God saves murderers, thieves, adulterers, rapists, drug addicts and anyone else He wants to save and He will use us sometimes (if we are pliable and open) to accomplish His will and purpose for that individual. We should never get cocky with our “Grace”. It was a FREE GIFT from God and He will always share it with others that desire and want His grace, mercy and forgiveness in their lives also. God is not really interested in where a man has been, but in fact, He is only interested in where a man wants to go in the future. Try not to judge others for the very person you are judging may be seated right beside you at the judgement seat. Wouldn’t that be just like God? Think about it.

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