Crystal Clarity

How does a man think clearly? Through the reading of God’s Word, meditation and prayer, and through listening to The Holy Spirit and for God speaking to our hearts. A man does not get spiritual clarity or divine wisdom from the world. The world does not know spiritual things but spiritual things tell us about the world. We must live in the world but we should not follow the world. For a man to think straight, know the truth, and have spiritual clarity He will have to Accept Christ as his personal Savior. Then, God will send His Holy Spirit to live inside a person’s heart. And then The Holy Spirit will reveal God, His Son Jesus Christ, and God’s ways, purposes, truths, and plans for your life. Looking for clarity and truth about life? Find Jesus Christ and you will find the truth, the light, and The Holy Spirit. Crystal clarity only comes from God. The world gives us a false sense of hope, it deceives us, and lies to us about what gives us true happiness, peace and contentment. Don’t live the world’s lies! Get clarity about life, clarity about Jesus Christ, and finally clarity about why you were created and who created you. Know “Whose you are” and then “Who He is”.

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