Practice meditation. Learn to get out of all the noise around you and get in a quiet place. Get your mind and all your thoughts quieted. And then just start focusing on God and His goodness. Pick up The Bible and start reading and meditating on what you read. Talk to God, listen to God , and take in everything you hear. You may want to even write some things down. Maybe start a journal as you grow with your meditation and prayer life. But do it regularly. 

There is Nothing more powerful than a rested body and a rested mind. Praise, Worship, and give God all the glory today! Present your requests, ask Him to reveal secret things to you, give you His wisdom and knowledge, and pray on behalf of others. But the main thing is to take the time to clear out all the noises, distractions, and problems, go to your quiet place and prepare yourself to meet with God, Jesus, and The  Holy Spirit. There we will always find peace, comfort, solitude, wisdom and confidence. God is always waiting to listen and speak to us but we have to be willing to invest in the time and place to hear from Him. The quieter the mind and the quieter the place, the more we will hear from God. We can all get better at our prayer time with God. Learn to meditate, get quiet, be still, clear out our thoughts, and get somewhere we can listen to God speak. Do it today!

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