The Kingdom

The great question is not whether we are so called Christians but the great question is do we believe God’s promises over our thoughts and do we apply His Promises, His Word, and His Purpose, Plans and Will to our lives each day. Many people claim to be Christians but when we get to Heaven, God is not going to care what we said but in fact He is going to look at what we did with our lives. Moreover, what we did with His Son Jesus Christ. Did we truly accept Christ in our hearts. Did we follow Jesus Christ and His example. And did our lives reflect helping, serving, and reaching out to those in need. That will be the “great question” you and I will be asked by God and the answer we give will be critical to the quality of our future destinies. What will you say? Are you trying to follow Christ? Are you doing His Will? Are you helping others? Matthew 24:21 says this: “Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord, will enter the Kingdom of Heaven but the one who does the Will of my Father who is in Heaven.” Build the kingdom up “down here” so you can live in the Kingdom “up there”.

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