Deny Yourself

Following Jesus is all about denying ones self. We tend to draw towards selfishness, greed, sin, and ourselves; what we want, when we want and getting what we want. Jesus taught the exact opposite. Jesus teaches us to be generous, share with others, put others first in our lives, and serve others. It takes an “extreme makeover” to get us to that point from where we normally are and only Jesus can do it. Nothing else can turn us into Jesus followers, thinkers, and doers. It’s only through a spiritual and supernatural transformation and rebirth through the acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. You can only live like Christ by inviting Christ into your heart. No one follows Christ with out first accepting Christ! It’s impossible! Deny yourself today by accepting Jesus into your heart and then He will slowly start chipping away at your old, negative, and selfish and greedy ways. Give Jesus your heart and Jesus will set your heart FREE! It’s an amazing thing that only Jesus can do to anyone who wants an extreme personal makeover. He makes the blind see, the dead come to life, and the sick are healed. Take the supernatural life journey today with Christ and see what it really looks like to live “the extraordinary life” that He has promised to those who will follow Him.

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