God In Your Community

God brings hope in a sometimes hopeless world. Joy in a joyless world. Blessings in a difficult world. Kindness in an unkind world. Compassion in a not so compassionate world. Love in a loveless world. And forgiveness in an unforgiving world. God is working everywhere in His World. Who is He using to accomplish His plans, purposes and will? He uses His Church and He uses His people. 

Are you involved? Are you making a difference? If not, find out where God is active in your community and jump in. Make a difference, change your community, and follow in the footsteps of God’s intended purpose and plans. God is working hard and He has plenty of opportunities for us to serve Him, serve His children, and make our communities better places to live. God is in your community working. He’s created you and me to fulfill and accomplish His plans and purposes. If you’re not serving somewhere, do it today. Start now. Find areas in your community that need help and then just go do it. Jump right in and make things happen. We are called to serve, make a difference, and change God’s world for the better, one day at a time.

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