Prepare For Prayer

We all have times where we get totally distracted while praying. We always have lots of things on our minds and it never seems to shut down. Racing thoughts, distractions, schedules, hurriedness, and challenges fill our minds each day. It’s hard to slow our minds down, clear out our thinking, and focus on being in the presence of God. But maybe that is exactly what we need to think about; we’re going in front of our creator, mighty, all powerful, sovereign, omniscient, Holy, and loving father. So the first thing we should always try to do is clear our minds, take a deep breath and then get focused on who we are about to speak to. The creator and ruler of The universe and The God who calls himself our Heavenly Father. The one who has done all, been all, seen all, and controls all. Each time we go to pray, let’s all try to remember who we are going in front of. Prepare our minds and hearts and draw all our thoughts towards Him before we start praying. Don’t let life, the enemy or the world distract and rob you of the most “powerful time” you have in life – being in prayer and quiet time with your Heavenly Father. It’s the greatest, wisest, and the richest experience we can have in life. We should treat our prayer time with a Holy Reverence and the utmost respect, guard the time as if it were gold and silver, and to instruct and discipline our minds to be prepared to speak to our supernatural, all powerful, all knowing, all good God. Clear our minds of all distractions, clear out the busyness and hurriedness, and then get really focused and prepared to speak to God. The great theologian C.S Lewis said this about quick, unprepared and distracted prayers; “when our minds wander and distracted in prayer, we tend to use our will power to steer ourselves back to our original thoughts in prayer.” Lewis concluded though that it was better to lay down the fact that we were totally distracted before we even started praying to God and accept that the distraction was the real problem and that we should make that the “major theme” of our prayer. Distraction, unpreparedness, a racing mind, and sin is a “prayer killer”. It’s very hard to do each time with the busyness of life but if we want to get the most out of our prayer lives it’s going to take some commitment, some time, and some preparedness. Our minds have to be trained for prayer. It has to be prepared in advance for prayer and it has to be cleared out and quieted to hear and focus on what God has to say to us. Let’s all learn to prepare ourselves better for a higher quality prayer life.┬áIf we do, It will pay BIG dividends in our faith, our wisdom and knowledge, and all our decision making. It will also give us a supernatural amount of joy, peace, contentment, and strength.

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