Our Hearts, Thoughts & Motives

Today, remember this; God is aware of our hearts, thoughts and motives. He is there to help us, guide us, and forgive us if need be. Know God loves you today, wants the best for you today, and wants to help you today, no matter the circumstance. God says He is our Heavenly¬†Father and that He is always there for us. God knows all our thoughts, hearts and motives and He can be trusted to help us keep our lives going in the right direction. Keep your heart pure, keep your thoughts Holy, and keep your motives Christ-like. The closer we stay to God the closer we can be like God. Each day think like Jesus and when you find yourself drifting, intentionally turn yourself back through prayer, the Holy Spirit, and reading God’s Word. Don’t let anything take your mind captive and if and when they do, rescue it quickly. Don’t stay there! Hijack it back!¬†If your thinking is pure, your heart will be pure, and your motives will be Christ-like. Each day, take your mind captive. Feed it only pure, good and Holy things and it will produce pure, good and Holy motives, actions, and results.

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