Challenge Your Will

A person’s will is in a continued conflict and battle with God’s will. The human will wants one way and God’s will wants another. It’s a daily battle and it never ends. The will fights hard for it’s way and some people never put up a good fight back. They let their will always have it’s way and they end up being self absorbed and selfish. 

Our human will must be challenged, managed and brought under some type of control. God challenges the human will by giving us His Holy Will- The Holy Spirit. Nothing else challenges our wills like God’s Holy Spirit. It challenges, convicts, and does the checks and balances needed to make good decisions. Don’t ever leave your will unchecked or give it the freedom to do whatever it wants. If you do, it will eventually take you down. Challenge it with The Holy Spirit. At least make it answer to something greater than itself. Test your will, challenge your will, and control your will. If you do, you will be happier, make better decisions, and be a wise person.

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