Belief Over Time

Sometimes it’s really hard to wrap your mind around God’s existence, great power, complete control, and sovereignty. It’s easy to live a life based on things we can see and understand. But it can be hard, especially when we’re young, to truly believe there is a God that loves us and that He created us for a unique purpose and plan. I think we all have to experience God for ourselves, journey with Him over time, and just watch Him do amazing and supernatural things in our lives over and over again. Faith does not just come automatically. It comes over time and is normally built in times of trouble, trials, and difficult times. God is real, alive and well, and working through His Church and through us to accomplish His will, purposes and plans. Faith in God doesn’t just happen. A strong faith is built over time, in the trenches and through hard times and perseverance. God is alive and well on earth and in Heaven. He is protecting, guiding, directing, and working all things for our good. He has a plan for our lives and invites us to live it out through His guidance, direction, purpose and plans. God was mighty and active with His children in the ┬ábeginning and He is still mighty, active, and working in the lives of His children today. Learn to trust God, love God, serve God and be obedient to Him and He will show you His abounding love He has for you, His power, His sovereignty, His protection, and His many Blessings. Learn to get to know God better through reading His Word, spending quiet time with Him, and praying to Him. He is ready when you are.

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