Encounter God

The more we encounter God on a daily basis the more we will trust Him, be obedient to Him and follow Him. It’s all about getting to the point where we truly believe He is sovereign, in control of all things, and working supernaturally all things to for our good. The more we encounter God the more our faith will grow and the more we will put all our trust in Him. Spend time with God praying and listening to Him. Read His Word each day, meditate on it and apply what you read to your life. Lean on God, put all your faith in God, and trust Him to see you through some of life’s toughest challenges. Watch each day for His works, His protection, and His miracles in your life. He works on our behalf every single day doing things we could not imagine, or every think of. Trust God, obey God and leave all the consequences up to Him.

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