God Is Tougher

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. And what that really means as Christians is that we start praying, we start asking God to help us, and we start relying on Him for His strength, His guidance, and for perseverance and patience to get through the situation. If we are patient, He will always see us through any situation or circumstance, no matter how large or how small it is. God is so much bigger than any problem we will ever have. Next time the storms come (and they are always on the horizon) turn to God immediately and give it to Him, trust Him with it, and leave all the consequences up to Him. Just keep being obedient, following Him, and waiting on Him to change or correct the situation. Finally, remember that God is so much bigger than any problem or challenge you will ever go through. The Book of Joshua points out in many places that adversity is a bridge to a deeper relationship with God. God does some of His “most amazing miracles” in our most difficult and hardest times in life. Trust God, obey God, and leave all the circumstances up to Him. God will bring your through and deliver you through a much stronger person if you allow Him to.

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