Who Will You Serve?

In life, we all have to make a choice in who we will serve. Are we going to serve ourselves, the devil, money, fame, power, or other worldly gods or are we going to serve the one, true, and only God? It’s a choice we all have to make. Nobody is excluded. In The Book of Joshua, The Israelites had to make the choice who they were going to serve- worldly gods and idols or Jehovah God. God knew that if they followed idols and worshipped idols like all their enemies were doing, really bad things were going to happen to them. Joshua finally challenged them all one day and said; “Today, you must choose who you will follow. Either you will follow the devil or you will follow Jehovah God.” He told them that they must make a decision today. And then Joshua said; “But as for me and my house, we are and we will continue to serve The Lord.”

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