Being Content

Be content. Learn the art of being content. Don’t put undo pressure on yourself and most of all don’t create unnecessary stress. Be content on where you are, who you are, and enjoy more of the small things in life. Don’t become a person that always has to have more! More stuff, more money, more things, more of everything. Don’t be a “more” person. Be a “less stress” person. Always wanting more is a trap, snare, and deceit. It tells us that more is better and more makes you happy but in reality more means more to worry about, more to stress about, and more to think about. Learn to be content and happy. The concept of more has never made anyone happy. It makes people more stressed, worried, and fearful. Fear of it all being taken away one day. If you are living a life of more of this and more of that (and you know whether you are or not) make a change today.

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