Herculean Sized Faith

Build up a strong faith. Make it your life goal to build up a Herculean size life of faith. Faith is the foundation of your relationship with God. It’s where the supernatural power, might and strength comes from. Either you pray and believe or you pray and retreat. It’s always one or he other. Faith doesn’t go on what can be seen but goes on what God has already done in a believer’s life. When we pray, we should always pray expectantly, believing without a doubt that what we prayed about is going to come to fruition. We should pray boldly, confidently and assuredly. But know this; if our faith and our prayers are lined up with God’s will and plans then our prayers will all be answered. Faith is assurance in what we ask God for is going to take place. Start praying, start asking and start believing and know that God desires to give us His very best.¬†Faith is dead without the confidence and assurance that what we ask God for is going to happen.

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