Faith Over Fear

We are all tempted at times to stumble on disbelief and let our circumstances come between us and God. disbelief looks at the circumstance and not at God’s great power to fix it. Disbelief looks at the magnitude of the circumstance, and God laughs at it. Faith doesn’t make decisions based on circumstances. Faith looks to God to be the barrier and solution to any circumstance we have, no matter the size or difficulty. Faith trusts God. Faith keeps it head down and continues to move forward. And faith says it’s already done. Fear moves nothing but faith can move mountains. In all our difficulties it’s always better to wait on The Lord, look to The Lord, and trust in The Lord. He promises to work all things out for our good, to those that love Him. Next time you have a situation, choose faith over fear. Fear has never accomplished anything but failure. Faith depends on God’s help, faith looks at God’s power, might, strength and promises, and Faith can move mountains.

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