There is always tragedy all around us. At the hospitals, traffic accidents, dying, sickness, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and much more. Death, destruction, and tragedy is all around. I was noticing the other day in my community that life just keeps going on no matter what is going on around you. Our community was suffering with a historic flood and I noticed people were out playing golf, shopping, dining, working, just going about their ordinary day. 10 minutes away 100s to 1000s of families were losing their homes as the rivers and waterways rose to historic levels. It was a catastrophic history making flood. But all around me people were just going about their business as usual including myself. What’s the point? The point is we all go through difficult times and it’s up to us to be strong, lean on The Lord, and trust Him to get us through. You can rely on people and God will send people to help us but life goes on. Life doesn’t stop when we are going through a great catastrophe and neither do people. Life does not go on vacation and life does not take time off! People keep going and doing and life keeps moving forward no matter how bad your situation may be. But hopefully, when you’re in that time of need, and we all get in those times, you will find people around you helping you, encouraging you, and just being a good friend or neighbor. Difficulty is all around each one of us. Be a person who, when they are confronted with it, takes some action.

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